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Spyware, viruses grow on AndroidsIn the era of the personal computer, Apple's machines were often less vulnerable to security threats than the alternatives. That may also be the case with the rise of smartphones.

Smartphone Spyware Possibly Invades Users' PrivacyHoosiers who use Smartphones are concerned about their privacy after a software company reveals many of the devices are loaded with a spyware application.

Which Carriers' Smartphones Have the 'Carrier IQ' Spyware?As details are uncovered about the Carrier IQ rootkit, which was secretly installed on over 140 million smartphones. According to Carrier IQ's website, every company that knows what it does has tried to distance itself from the software, especially now, in the wake of multiple class-action lawsuits.

Mobile Spyware Raises Ethical, Legal QuestionsIn 2003, Atir Raihan began work on a product that has gone on to gain infamy in the world's security industry. His idea: to build a spyware program for mobile...

The Complete List of All the Phones With Carrier IQ Spyware Installed [Carrier Iq]# carrieriq Responding to the US Senate request lead by Senator Al Franken , AT&T, Sprint, HTC, and Samsung have sent the list of all the phones with Carrier IQ spyware installed in them. Moreá╗

Carrier IQ, Mobile Services Grilled over Spyware ChargesHandset makers and carriers scramble to explain the tracking software on some devices, while Congress demands details.

Probation for son who put spyware on cheating dad?s computerA Delaware County man convicted of putting spyware on his father's computer to capture passwords to e-mail accounts was sentenced Wednesday to two years probation.

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