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Mobile Spyware Raises Ethical, Legal QuestionsIn 2003, Atir Raihan began work on a product that has gone on to gain infamy in the world's security industry. His idea: to build a spyware program for mobile...

Probation for son who put spyware on cheating dad?s computerA Delaware County man convicted of putting spyware on his father's computer to capture passwords to e-mail accounts was sentenced Wednesday to two years probation.

Smartphone Spyware Possibly Invades Users' PrivacyHoosiers who use Smartphones are concerned about their privacy after a software company reveals many of the devices are loaded with a spyware application.

Carrier IQ Spyware: Company?s Android App Logging the Keystrokes of Millions [VIDEO]The Carrier IQ secret spyware app is embedded in millions of Android, Nokia and RIM phones around the globe and has been logging the keystrokes of its users.

BlackBerry Safe From Carrier IQ 'Spyware,' RIM SaysResearch In Motion does not install nor authorize its carrier partners to install "Carrier IQ" monitoring software on its BlackBerry smartphones, the company said on Thursday.

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