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Spyware, viruses grow on AndroidsIn the era of the personal computer, Apple's machines were often less vulnerable to security threats than the alternatives. That may also be the case with the rise of smartphones.

PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus 9.0spyware Doctor took its time cleaning up my infested test systems, but it did a good job in the end. Malware blocking is also good, and its phishing protection is above average. However, the independent test labs give it poor marks.

Mobile Spyware Raises Ethical, Legal QuestionsIn 2003, Atir Raihan began work on a product that has gone on to gain infamy in the world's security industry. His idea: to build a spyware program for mobile...

BlackBerry Safe From Carrier IQ 'Spyware,' RIM SaysResearch In Motion does not install nor authorize its carrier partners to install "Carrier IQ" monitoring software on its BlackBerry smartphones, the company said on Thursday.

Carrier IQ, mobile providers grilled over spyware chargesCarrier IQ, the mobile diagnostic company recently accused of installing rootkits on more than 140 million devices worldwide, says it's using its software for good, not evil.

Middletown man tracked woman with smart phone spyware, police sayCRAWFORD ? Town of Crawford police have charged a Middletown man with multiple felonies after they said he installed spyware on a Pine Bush woman's smart phone, accessed all her data and tracked her movements.

Carrier IQ, Mobile Services Grilled over Spyware ChargesHandset makers and carriers scramble to explain the tracking software on some devices, while congress demands details.

Carrier IQ: Spyware or Handy Tool? What You Need to KnowOver 100 million smartphones are tracking their owners? every step, Android developer Trevor Eckhart claims, thanks to software that comes preinstalled on phones from most major carriers. Here's what you need to know.

Carrier IQ Spyware: Company?s Android App Logs the Keystrokes of Millions [VIDEO]The Carrier IQ secret spyware app is embedded in millions of Android, Nokia and RIM phones around the globe and has been logging the keystrokes of its users.

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